Top Ten Vocal Tips for Singers


All singers need to perform vocal exercises to maintain a good voice. Here are vocal tips commonly used by singers to take care of their voice box.

  1. Warm-up the voice box before performing. Singing involves facial muscles and the diaphragm is a huge muscle itself. There is a need to warm up those muscles to avoid muscle strain and giving a bad performance.
  2. Drinking enough water is helpful especially in lubricating the voice box. Singing with a dry throat will just produce a sore feeling on the throat. It is not advisable to drink fruit beverages or those that are caffeinated.
  3. Performing in front of people requires energy, thus, getting enough rest will improve the quality of your voice. This will give more power to draw air from the diaphragm which will result to a powerful performance.
  4. If you are serious with your career, avoid smoking. Smoking can cause voice irritation. And if you persist on smoking, eventually the damage goes to the voice box, and as well as your singing career.
  5. Being a singer doesn’t necessarily mean disregarding help from other established singers or vocal coaches. It is still helpful to seek useful advice from singers who have achieved so much in their career.
  6. You are your voice carrier. You will be the first one to know if your voice is not well conditioned, and if it is, then its time for you to rest, to avoid further straining.
  7. Don’t sing on a full stomach. Also, avoid dairy products before singing as this promotes mucus formation within the vocal chords.
  8. Exercise can pave way for proper breathing. It is much like working out and each workout session can raise your endurance up by one level. In singing, you perform and when you perform you may lose your breath from dancing and walking around the stage. But if you have developed your endurance from regular exercise, then you’re good to go.
  9. Microphones and monitors can help to prevent voice straining as you don’t need to exert more effort just so you can be heard. Monitors will help you listen to yourself so you will know if you sound just okay or fabulous.
  10. Sing a song that is within your range. Do not try so hard to impress by picking out songs that are out of your range.