Tips for Improving Your Singing Voice for Karaoke or Junior Auditions


It’s kind of interesting to always see young people perform. Junior auditions are setup when there is a need for a young actor to portray in a musical. Whether you are an aspiring singer who wants to join the audition or just waiting for your turn at the karaoke machine, there is a need to project a good voice. In auditions or any situation where you are required to sing, you need to have good voice quality and that good quality is a result of many vocal exercises and observing good vocal practices.

    • Your voice can definitely be improved if you do warm-up exercises for your vocal chords regularly. This will allow all the muscles involved in singing to be stretched so each time you perform there will be no straining of the vocal chords. Just think of a person who wants to go jogging; before he does, he performs warm-up exercises to stretch the muscles. The same thing applies to singing.

    • Observe a healthy lifestyle which includes, keeping the body properly hydrated to keep the vocal chords moisturized; avoiding cigarette smoking as this can irritate the voice box; exercising regularly to improve breathing ability, and eating the right kinds of food by avoiding sweets and caffeinated drinks as much as possible.

    • Rest well especially if you plan to try out for an audition. If you are tired, your voice box will be too, and that will definitely result to a bad performance.

    • Relax and maintain your calm. Do not allow tension to take over your whole body as this can definitely disrupt the quality of your voice. You can relax if you have practiced your piece so well, because through this, you gain confidence in mastering your choice of song.

    • When thinking of joining auditions, remember to choose a song that suits your vocal range. If you think you can impress the judges by singing Mariah Carey songs, even if your singing voice is the same that of Anne Murray which is kind of low, then you might jeopardize your whole audition. There’s nothing wrong in trying out other techniques, but it’s better to stick to your strengths and use your own style.

If you practice singing consistently, then definitely you will have a successful audition or an impressive karaoke session.