How to Sing In Rock Band


Can’t play an instrument? No problem! Every Rock Band needs a vocalist and if you can hear yourself talk, you can sing in Rock Band. All you’ve got to do is pick up the microphone and give it a try! It’s all about pitch, so you don’t even need to know the lyrics.


Step 1:
Play the tutorial first.
Like all the other members of your Rock Band, playing the tutorial will give you an idea of how the game mechanics work and just what exactly you should be doing. It’s not difficult and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Step 2:
Practice your pitch.
For the vocalist in Rock Band, pitch and timings are everything. Your voice will be need to go up and down, sometimes very quickly. Play a few Warm-up songs on Easy difficulty to get some practice in. Jumping straight in to Detroit Rock City is liable to leave you hacking!

Step 3:
Tap the Mic.
When you see a circle appear on your bar, wait until it gets to the line, then tap the microphone head with your hand. This will either tap a tambourine or a cow bell. While it may seem trite in a Rock Band, doing this will help ramp up your band’s score, leading to more Fans. More Fans means bigger and better venues to play in, so try and hit all of the circles. Think of it as a non-vocal solo for you.

Step 4:
Scream it into overdrive.
Like the other players, you too have an overdrive that will drive the fans into frenzy and bring a troubled band member back to the stage. See the big yellow fuzzy sections on your bar? Those are overdrive sections. Does something like when one of those comes up and you’ll hit your overdrive and whip the crowd into frenzy for you! Any loud noise will do; a scream, a “WOW!” even a puff of air will trigger it.

Step 5:
Say something! If you don’t know the words or can’t seem to keep up with them, that’s ok. Just try your best to either hum or mouth something into the mic at the same pitch as what’s on screen. Again, all the game measures is pitch; if you’re right on, you can be saying “blah blah blah” the entire song and still get it. Guaranteed, it makes things a lot more fun if you actually sing, but the occasional improve is fun too.

They are certain instruction given above which will help you to sing in rock band. Try it,its easy.