About Confidence and Singing


One of the toughest parts about singing in front of an audience is learning to sing with confidence. For some people, low self-esteem and social phobias can exaggerate the pre-performance jitters. All vocalists experience this time to time. With practice, you can learn to sing with the poise and self-assurance as a professional.


1. The most difficult part is getting up to sing in front of an audience for the first time - once you have achieved this it will become easier each time for you to perform!!

2. Karaoke and jam nights are great for gaining confidence! No-one cares if you forget the words or mess up the songs so you can relax, have fun and get used to singing in front of audience.

3. Ask a friend or group of friends to get up and sing with you - pick a song that you can have a laugh with!

4. Don't worry about making a fool of yourself or how you sound - just go!

5. Choose a song you know really well - avoid tunes that are difficult to sing until you are more confident about your voice and performing in front of audience.

6. Take a deep breath, exhale, look ahead and smile as you take the stage - even if you feel terrified this will help you look confident.

7. As soon as you get on stage relax your shoulders and clear your mind of everything except the song you are going to sing.

8. If you are really nervous, concentrate on at a point just above the audiences head or if singing karaoke concentrate on the television screen and your singing rather than looking at the audience!

9. If you know the song really well but are still nervous of performing in front of a crowd, then focus on an object slightly above the audience instead of their faces.

10. Find yourself shaking when you are singing? Then move around a bit - swing your hips and bop around - it'll help you to forget your nerves and make you look confident.

11. Got a really awful voice & know it - but still want to have a go? Pick a song that everyone can join in with, a track that is funny or make up funny words, pull faces or use props - you'll sound great & the audience will laugh with you - not at you!!

12. Pretend you're a poised professional even if you're not. Even big stars get nervous, and many entertainers can attest that pre-performance jitters are commonplace. The rule of thumb is, "Fake it until you Make it," so start your song with a flourish and keep on singing.

13.Make mistakes and move on. An old theatrical expression is, "If you're going to make a mistake, make it a big one." In other words, don't hold back out of fear. Put your all into your performance, and don't falter over a mistake. If you do make an error, keep smiling and go full speed ahead.

14.Warm up before the event. Drink a glass of water right before going on stage to keep your throat moist and ready to perform.