Children Singing:


-Singing is a gymnasium for a child’s body and soul.

-Singing works deeply into children’s physiology: deepening breath and heart rate, altering brain wave patterns and strengthening the immune system.

-It also releases endorphins, the body’s pleasure hormones, into the brain and body.

-Singing also exercises all the muscles in the head and neck, providing the pump action which empties the Eustachian tubes, helping to keep children free from middle ear infections! We all know how painful and damaging those can be for children!

-Singing can also help to build a child’s confidence and self-esteem, and can increase their capacity for self expression

-Influencing their language development.

-As well as increasing concentration, memory, visual and listening skills, spatial orientation and physical coordination.

-For children, we know how important these are as building blocks for their future learning and success in life. And singing can be done in such fun and meaningful ways!

-Many children today suffer from a wide variety of ailments and imbalances, due to insomnia, lack of sleep, diabetes and depression. We now have the second most highly depressed population of teenagers in this country, second only to Japan. We must ask ourselves not only why is this happening, but what can we do to help. Singing is one of the greatest illness preventions!

Children are also experiencing a tremendous lack of sleep and rhythm in their lives. Sleep as we know, is of critical importance to a child’s health, well being and inner balance. The more we can establish a joyful rhythmic organization to their day and evening before bed, it is more possible to have a peaceful, ‘rest-filled ‘sleep. We can create a rhythmical; harmonizing mood by singing through the day and evening with our children. In addition to having a harmonizing effect on their physiological processes, singing lullabies before bed supports  our children emotionally, helping him or her towards balance and peace

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to learn things when you sing them?

Young people who are lucky enough to learn music and sing from an early age develop better social skills, memory and ability to listen and have more confidence.

Experts say that as well as helping language development, action and counting, songs can also improve motor-skills and calculating abilities in very young children.